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Michael Jackson assisted them in the move and recruited Robson to appear in three music videos: "Black or White," "Jam," and "Heal the World." He received his first choreography job for the R&B group Immature at 14.The job led to others, for artists such as Britney Spears.Justin: The War Is On." The article, which surfaced on New York newsstands Wednesday and will be available nationwide Friday, suggests that pop music's hottest couple are feuding like the Hatfields and the Mc Coys, singling out Timberlake's video for "Cry Me a River" as the latest, and loudest, bomb dropped (click for the entire Us Weekly cover).The video, which premiered November 25, features 18-year-old model/actress Lauren Hastings playing what could only be construed as a Britney look-alike in a newsboy cap and tinted pink sunglasses, accessories Britney has been known to wear.The two did reconcile, but despite her best efforts, wen't their separate ways.

In the clip, the young couple have a big fight over Spears allegedly cheating on Timberlake with her choreographer, Wade Robson."Justin, it’s not what you think," Spears, played by Natasha Bassett, says after walking into the room, just in time for the drama to unfold. Several months after the couple split, they ran into each at a club in Los Angeles called the Lounge.Meg Ryan This American sweetheart was still married to Dennis Quaid when she had a brief affair with Russell Crowe in 2000.Wade Robson is an Australian dancer and choreographer.And the pop princess has definitely had her fair share of famous boyfriends -- do the names Justin Timberlake, Fred Durst, K-Fed and Criss Angel ring a bell? When Britney Spears split from Justin Timberlake in 2002, rumor had it that she had been secretly hooking up with dance choreographer Wade Robson behind his back.

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