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Alumni and current students, what is something you would recommend most?

A post shared by Oklahoma Baptist University (@obunews) on Located only 30 minutes east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Baptist University offers a Christian-based private education unrivaled by many in the state. With more than 87 areas of study to choose from, five master’s degrees, eight certificate programs and ample opportunities to work and study abroad, OBU delivers a top-notch education grounded in a Christian worldview.

Oklahoma Baptist University is a small Christian liberal arts university, Oklahoma’s top-ranked regional college according to the U. OBU is the only private college in Oklahoma listed on Great Value College’s ranking of 50 Great Affordable Colleges in the Midwest.

As one of Oklahoma’s best colleges, OBU offers the highest level of intellectual, ethical, social and spiritual enrichment.

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Basically, a Fundamental Baptist is a Bible-believing Baptist.Because a Fundamental Baptist believes the Bible, he or she also believes in the baptism of believers in Jesus by immersion in water, as the Bible instructs.Because Fundamental Baptists hold that only those who believe may be baptized, Fundamental Baptists therefore reject the baptism of infants, (who, because of their age are not yet able to believe on Jesus).Please also email us if you have any questions regarding what you heard in this video. Consequently, the financial needs of this ministry have never been greater.We are helped and encouraged by those who often choose to send monetary gifts to help meet the needs of this great work.

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