Sccm 2016 collection not updating

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For more information about direct rule collections, see How to Create Collections in Configuration Manager. Rule Query rules dynamically update the membership of a collection based on a query that Configuration Manager runs on a schedule.For example, you can create a collection of users who are a member of the Human Resources organizational unit in Active Directory Domain Services.No where in SCCM is this behavior explained or documented and I've seen this bite SCCM Admins at two separate customers now.The workaround for controling this behavior is to make a deployment of Version 2.0 first, THEN create the supercedence, which will add the checkbox to the deployment but NOT check it. Create collections in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to represent logical groupings of users or devices.You can use collections to help you perform many tasks including application management, deploying compliance settings, or installing software updates. Select this option to schedule a regular full evaluation of the collection membership. Rule Direct rules let you to choose the users or computers that you want to add as members to a collection.This is definitely in the catagory of a bug or design change.Consider this scenario: * app A deployed to a number of machines via required deployment * app a Version 2.0 comes out, we create a supersedence for the old app * deploy Version 2.0 to a small collection with an 'Available' Deployment * witness in horror as machines automatically begin applying the updated version * check the deployment after the fact and discover that a check box of ''Automatically upgrade any superceded versions of this application' has now appeared in the deployment, and is forced checked.

Direct rule collections have a higher administrative overhead than query rule collections because you must modify this collection type manually.You can also use collections to manage groups of client settings or use them with role-based administration to specify the resources that an administrative user can access. Select this option to periodically scan for only new or changed resources from the previous collection evaluation and update the collection membership with only these resources, independently of a full collection evaluation. This rule gives you direct control over which resources are members of the collection.The membership does not automatically change unless a resource is removed from Configuration Manager.To get the new build you might have to run a Power Shell script on the CAS or the Primary Server.More info here: The update was downloaded, but the update didn’t show up in the console. If I launched the SCCM Admin Console using the account that did the SCCM installation, the update was available, an expected.

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