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State and East Carolina universities made an unexpected find this summer in an old dump in the ancient city of Petra: two marble statues of the Greek goddess Aphrodite that one of the professors describes as “absolutely exquisite.” The 2.5-foot statues were made of marble from Greece or Italy and were probably imported to the Nabataean city of Petra in present-day Jordan as long as 1,900 years ago.“These are worthy of display at the Louvre Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.” The statues are Roman in style, suggesting they date from after the Roman annexation of Nabataea early in the first century A. They were found as part of an ongoing excavation of homes and tombs in a part of the city where commoners were thought to live.The statues were found in a surprisingly large home for the area, but how they got there isn’t known yet.The statues were found in a garbage dump dating to the 4th century A. that filled the rooms of the old villa, which was equipped with a heated room typical of a Roman-style bath, said Megan Perry, an anthropology professor at ECU.

Pi Kappa Phi’s national organization has since placed the NC State chapter on interim suspension and issued a public statement condemning the notebook’s comments. It’s offensive, and the things written in there are something we’re taking very, very seriously,” Pi Kappa Phi Chief Executive Mark Timmes insisted.

Some spots certainly are heavy and fried-forward, but others are surprisingly sophisticated, so long as you know where to look. 237 S Wilmington St There’s not much more on this menu than the seven burger variations, which is fine because why would you consider anything else anyway?

Opt for one of the sloppy big hitters like The Dirty South -- smoked pork shoulder, crispy tobacco onions, roasted tomato malt vinegar slaw, red pea chili, cheddar, and yellow mustard -- or keep it relatively tame with The High and Valley with crushed avocado, bacon-onion jam, and red peppers.

“Whilst Undercover Color’s initiative is well meaning, on the whole,” she said, “Rape Crisis does not endorse or promote such a product or anything similar.

This is for three reasons: it implies that it’s the woman’s fault and assumes responsibility on her behalf, and detracts from the real issues that arise from sexual violence.”“For us, we work with victims to make them realise that they did nothing wrong,” she added.

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