Dating couple gossiped about crossword

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The conclusions were based on an experiment which involved getting groups of people to make financial decisions intended to serve a greater good.

In between sessions they were given the opportunity to ‘gossip’ about their fellow group members, which in turn allowed the participants to exclude people who attempted to be uncooperative or exploitative.

ACROSS 1 Failure 4 Serenity 9 __ mater; school one graduated from 13 Dating couple gossiped about 15 Baseball great Hank __ 16 Sheep's coat 17 Plato or Carvey 18 __ on; trample 19 Eden resident 20 Punctuate with a small dash 22 Mattel's boy dolls of the '60s 23 Skillets 24 Feasted 26 Unanchored 29 Childish 34 __ Dracula 35 Bricklayer 36 Gun the engine 37 Wedding band 38 Stopwatch 39 Heavy book 40 Mr.

Whitney 41 More rational 42 Highest male singing voice 43 Summary 45 "Money __ grow on trees" 46 Sweet potato 47 Sonnet or limerick 48 Wading bird 51 Foolishness 56 Money, slangily 57 Salamanders 58 Lunch hour 60 Tardy 61 Up in arms 62 Singer Lady __ 63 Celebrity 64 Nervous 65 Small amount DOWN 1 "Where __ I go wrong?

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